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There is no substitute for the experience of listening to a analogue master tape

The highest standard of sound---Studio Master Tape

There is no substitute for the experience of listening to a analogue master tape.To accomplish 1/4in reel-to-reel tape, Hi-End instruments have been used to guarantee the quality with unforgettable sound.

We have been researching magnetic master tape since 2010 and it is a truly insane idea. We have tested tape for several years working as an art and we have demo room for all kinds of products. We have found that the sound of 15ips 1/4in analog tape to be distinct from the sound of any other format. Nothing sounds like tape.

Most people have not had the experience of hearing studio master tapes. We introduce our 1/4in magnetic recording tape with the promise of bringing studio master tape sound into the home listening room. We don't expect that our tape will replace any of your other favorite formats, so we see no need to dwell on the drawbacks of any other format. We are offering a chance to have in your own listening room an actual analog listening experience as close to the original master tape as practical.


模原始母的致聆,Hi-End 级器材录制,品质检测保证,带来令人喜出望外的母带质素。 我2010年起始母,是一真正的狂的想法,我一直把目做研究好年了,我有各各品的室。在我工作 程中,我15ips 1/4英模的音跟任何其他格式的音是不同的,有任何一音起像母那神奇。 上大多人都有音棚母音的,我音工程和家到的音入家庭室。我并不希望我的母取代任何其他您喜的形式,也有必要于任何其他形式的弊端。我只提供一在自己的室"模"的聆。 ABC(国际)唱片开盘母带的制作都是从模拟磁带开始,这些磁带不会再加工或者编入其它的音频。为了确保制作母带的高品 质,我们采用瑞士Studer公司的A80 VU 1/2英寸的开盘录音机用两个模拟轨迹进行记录制成唯一的首版母带,然后卷对卷地在Studer A80 VU 1/4英寸开盘录音机上录制出来。 现代的高保真放音系统,能够播放比CD记录格式更宽阔的音域,所以播放模拟的录音作品,更能呈现音乐的无穷魅力,给您的心灵带来更大的震撼。 在母带制作处理过程中,我们采用提升频响和带宽,降低本底噪声等技术手段(Analog Plus),使得所有的声音得到真实记录,以十分完美的艺术内涵去感染每位听众,体验现代高科技手段与完美的模拟制作带来的艺术享受。
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